Cathy Hunt is a longstanding member of The Element Choir that draws singers from a broad spectrum of styles, from concert sopranos to singer songwriters to sound poets to Japanese folk singers, composers and musicians.

Christine Duncan and The Element Choir have developed a language of sound to draw from for improvisation. The group works with both structured and non-structured elements, based primarily on a system of conduction cues. As an ensemble they explore textural and timbral sound qualities, soundscapes, rhythmic patterns, sound poetry, musical genre interplay and extended voice techniques. As collaborators, they create an interconnected tour de force in sympathy with the creative flow of their co-creators.


"The Element an absolutely arresting experience. The singers improvise fearlessly and more like an orchestral ensemble than a traditional choir. The skills of individual members of the ensemble are employed to create solo lines that blend into the larger soundscape. The conductor and singers are co-creators, blending their skills and ideas in an improvised process that will never be repeated in the same manner." Benjamin Stein, The Whole Note

"The 40 voice Element Choir under its director, Christine as adept at improvising as the other musicians, responding with astonishing unanimity, immediacy and sensitivity to Duncan's expressive hand gestures." Musical Toronto

"...when Christine Duncan cued her 40+ voice Element improvising choir behind Tanya (Tagaq), the concert achieved liftoff, sounding like Penderecki's or Ligeti's music just entered the hall. " Andrew Timar, CBC Music

“The choir’s performances are masterful…Rather than performing songs, this choir creates synchronized sounds and rhythms under the direction of the conductor…It is extremely engaging to watch how Duncan directs the choir and occasionally the audience — cuing rhythms, notes, attacks, and pauses with her whole body. The vocalists pay incredible attention to both each other and the surrounding environment.”

"(I was) elevated by the choir. Giving control away is the heart of improv, (to be) within sound, to travel freely is liberating." Tanya Tagaq, CBC Radio One